Our Kids Top 10 Favorite Movies

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These movies and movie series are the ones that have been played over and over and over at our house. Some of them have been played so many times that we’ve had to buy them again after the dvds were damaged from being wrestled out of their cases so many times by little hands. So if you don’t yet own any of these movies then we highly recommend them!

Despicable Me

We have all of the Dispicable Me movies plus the mini-movies. The kids love the minions!

Toy Story

The kids love to act out different scenes themselves and with their toys. And they really enjoyed Mr. Potatohead after watching this movie.

Finding Nemo

This is a favorite bedtime movie. All of the under the sea colors and songs calm the kids down. Sometimes they even fall asleep watching it.


The kids think talking snails are entertaining. And after watching this movie they usually like to play racing games with each other and with their toys.

Kung Fu Panda

These movies are high in action and energy. Great for right before going outside. Don’t be surprised if your children start doing kung fu moves, ours jump all over the bed while watching these movies.

Ice Age

Animals and dinosaurs! The favorite of this series of movies is Dawn of the Dinosaurs but the kids really enjoy and ask for all of them. They think a lot of the antics are funny.


Our boy loves Shrek mainly for making all kinds of gross noises. And we hear a lot of yucks and laughter for these movies.

Meet The Robinsons

Another bedtime favorite movie. Really sparks the imagination.


All the animal toys always come out after these movies.


Animals in the old wild west. Our boy really enjoys acting out scenes from this movie and playing cowboy afterwards.

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