A Happier You – 28 Day Challenge

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Everyone can benefit from a little extra happiness in their lives. But sometimes you need a little help finding that extra happiness. Well this is a 28 day challenge for you! And at the end of the 28 days, hopefully you will find some new habits that work for you! Need more motivation? Do these as a family! You are in control of your own happiness. These exercises are not just meant to be done once. Try it once and if you enjoy the assignment for the day, repeat it the next day! The goal here is to give your happiness priority in your life.

Day 1 Expose Yourself to Nature

Add some houseplants to your home. Go outside and find something in nature to bring into your home for decoration. Even sticks in a nice vase will work. Change your screensavers and background images to pictures of nature. Surrounding yourself with reminders of the great outdoors is a mood booster. And just maybe you will be more motivated to spend more time in nature.

Day 2 Think of Three Funny Things

Think of three funny memories, stories, pictures, funny faces or things your kids have said recently. They should be funny enough to make you laugh again or at least make you crack a smile.

Day 3 Write Down Your Worries

Writing down things that worry you or stress you out helps clear your mind of negative clutter. And putting that negativity down on paper puts it into better perspective. When you are done, think about how the worries benefit your life. They don’t! Look at the list one more time then throw it in the trash!

Day 4 Add Turmeric to Your Diet

Lots of health benefits to adding turmeric to your diet. Add a dash to your food or into your tea. Look up the health benefits.

Day 5 Eat Some Dark Chocolate

Chocolate improves your mood and produces feel good emotions. Dark chocolate has antioxidants and heart healthy flavinoids. Eat Some Dark Chocolate.

Day 6 Dance for 15 min

Get your heart pumping! Feel too silly to dance? Do a cardio workout instead. The point is, get moving! Feel like doing more than 15 min? Dance until you drop!

Day 7 Foot Massage

Give yourself a foot massage. Even better? Get someone else to do it.

Day 8 Listen to Positive Music

Listen to some upbeat music that tempts you to sing along, exercise harder, dance around your kitchen.

Day 9 Smell Lavender Before Bed

Smelling the scent of lavender before bed is supposed to help you sleep deeper. And restful sleep is very important. Add a light scent of lavender to every bedroom to promote better sleep throughout your home.

Day 10 Meditate

Breathe in positive energy through your nose and exhale negative energy through your mouth.

Day 11 Declutter

Pick a drawer, a shelf, a cabinet. Start somewhere small and get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past year. Put things where they belong. If you get rid of a little clutter everyday or at least once a week, at some point you might actually be clutter free!

Day 12 Plan A Week of Outfits

Plan a week of nice outfits, flattering outfits that fit you properly and make you feel good. Then wear them! The time you save trying to plan outfits for the day can be spent doing something else.

Day 13 Prep/Plan Tomorrow’s Meals

At the end of the night, get everything ready for tomorrow’s meals. Pull out all the pots and pans you will use, set out all the dry ingredients. Chop/mix and prepare as much as you can and put it in one area of the refrigerator. Tomorrow you will enjoy easy meals.

Day 14 Tea Time

Take a tea break. Sit down and drink a warm or cold glass of tea. Commit to staying seated until you finish. Take the time to really enjoy some quiet time. Bonus points if you sit outside.

Day 15 Think of Three Beautiful Things

Think of three things that are beautiful and inspiring to you. Maybe you can think of nature scenes like sunsets, your children’s smiling or sleeping faces, artwork that you really enjoyed.

Day 16 Be Grateful

Take the time to appreciate everything and everyone in your life. Really be grateful for what you have and remind yourself that there are less fortunate people in the world.

Day 17 Do Something Nice

Show your appreciation for those you love. Maybe cook their favorite meal, bake cookies for your family. Write a letter, give a gift, donate to charity. Do something positive for someone else just to be nice, no strings attached.

Day 18 Take Happy Pictures

They can be silly pictures of your children, your pets, even yourself! Play photographer for the day.

Day 19 Probiotics

Start taking a daily supplement of Probiotics or eat some yogurt or fermented food. Make your gut happy.

Day 20 Fresh Air

Go outside and get some fresh air. Live in the city? Go to a park. Take a walk, even go hiking! Sit at the beach. At the very least, open some windows!

Day 21 Start an Active Morning Routine

You probably already have a morning routine, add in a few minutes to make your bed then do a few stretches and push ups. You don’t have to get down on the floor or do a lot. Just lean up against a dresser or your bed and do three or more. The point is to get your blood circulating. Then brush your teeth and get dressed and get on with your day.

Day 22 Eat Fruit

Make sure you have fruit in your daily diet. If you’re already ahead of the game and eat fruit then try a new fruit or a new recipe.

Day 23 Straighten Up

Sit up and stand up straight. Good posture is good for your core and makes you more productive.

Day 24 Watch a Comedy

Stay in or go to the movies and find a good comedy to watch. Better yet, watch a comedy with your entire family. Laugh at the movie, don’t hold it in!

Day 25 Eat Some Walnuts

Look up the health benefits of walnuts then add them to your diet. They are good for your brain!

Day 26 Wash Worries Away

Take a long, relaxing shower or bath. Make the time for one! Imagine all your stress and worries washing off of you and going down the drain. This is best done near or at the end of your day so you’re not thinking about what you need to get done or hurrying so you’re not late for something.

Day 27 Eat a Vegetable

Just like fruit, make sure there is at least one vegetable in your daily diet. And hopefully you already eat your veggies and can try a new vegetable or recipe. Trying new foods adds more variety to your diet and makes you more open to try new things.

Day 28 Reflect

You made it! Take today to celebrate following through on a challenge and reflect on what you enjoyed doing. Make them part of your daily or weekly habits. Better yet? Start all over tomorrow or make yourself your own 28 Day Challenge to a Happier You full of things that you enjoy doing. Thank you so much for participating!

What would you add to your 28 Day Challenge to a Happier You if you had to do it again?




Easy Ways to Make A Happier Home

This post contains affiliate ads and links to products that may interest you. At no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase, I will earn a small commission. Thank you!

Sometimes we all need some cheering up. Home should be a happy healthy place to escape from the negativity and stress of your family’s outside lives. There’s always room for more happiness in your life. Home is a good foundation to build security and comfort to your life and to your family.

Natural Light

Let in the light! Natural light is healthy and helps lift your mood. If you need privacy then let light come in the top half of your blinds, above eye level. Sheer curtains also work well to let in the light without sacrificing your privacy.

Sort Mail Immediately

Piles of mail create clutter and add up very quickly. As soon as you receive mail, immediately throw out the junk mail, sort/pay your bills, make/add to your grocery list so you can toss the flyer, cut your coupons, and erase the stress of forgetting to pay something or adding to clutter around the house.

Clean Your Windows

And then open them! Fresh air is a great way to freshen up your home and let out the stale air. We tend to open our windows more at night for better sleep.

Fill Your Home With Energizing Citrus Scents

Citrus scents can be achieved by boiling lemons and oranges. We then use the infused water to make cleaning products that also help give our home an invigorating feel. Essential oils are also great and easy to use.

Grow Something

Plants are great for filtering the air and providing your family with more oxygen. Snake plants are easy to grow in any room and green colors are calming.

Keep Work Areas Clear

Kitchen counters, desks, sinks, most surfaces that serve a purpose should be kept clear in order to serve their purpose. How can you be motivated to make a great meal in a cluttered kitchen? Clutter equals stress, clear it all away!


Bake bread, cakes, cookies. Baking is a great way to make everyone feel welcome in your home. We try to bake something once a week. Bake with your children and with your spouse to create memories. Memories transform a house into a home.

Play Music

There is almost always upbeat background music playing in our kitchen. We do a lot of singing and dancing in the kitchen. Its hard to be in a bad mood with happy music on!

Be Grateful

Remind yourself and your family to be grateful for your home and for everyone in it. Pictures of great times spent together are great to remind yourself of all your happy memories. Be thankful for what you have.

Add Your Personality

Your home is a reflection of yourself. Make sure it is full of reminders of people and things that make you happy. Don’t have a home to impress other people. Have a home that serves you and your family. Your opinions of your home are what matter most.