Bad Weather Indoor Activities

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Staying indoors during bad weather is a good idea. But now what? Its always nice to take advantage of a bad weather day by spending some quality time with your family. Here are some ideas for indoor activities.

Modeling Clay

The possibilities are endless, have some on hand or look for online recipes for making your own.


Use crayons, colored pencils, markers, make artwork and hang it up.

Coloring Book

Great practice for coloring inside the lines and many coloring books contain activities like mazes and puzzles.

Make Homemade Cards

Make cards ahead for birthdays, just because, and holidays. Can also be a good time to get creative for invitations for your next family party.

Reading Time

Everyone can pick their favorite books and read together.

Create a Book

Everyone can make their own stories, illustrations, and books or work together to make a unique family book.

Big Box Fun

Save a big cardboard box or several and get creative! Everyone can take turns with the box or work together to really turn it into something great!

Dress Up

Always fun to dress up in different costumes and pretend to be different characters. Take it a step further and make new costumes. Maybe even make a play to surprise your next visitors.

Jewelry Making

Make some jewelry trying different techniques and materials. Make them for yourselves, each other, or for future gifts.


Cold day? Great way to warm up the house. Make cookies and cupcakes to decorate.


Work on smaller ones or get a big one and work on it together. Make it more challenging by hiding the picture or not telling anyone what it is.

Board Game

There are so many fun board games for all ages. Play against each other or in teams. Winner gets to pick the next game.

Movie Time

Find a new movie to watch together or let everyone pick their favorite. Bonus points if you make a fun snack together.


Being stuck inside is no excuse to not be active. Pick an upbeat workout video to try and laugh at each other not being perfectly coordinated.

Learning Time

Great time to find something new on the internet to learn about and share with each other. New discoveries are being made everyday.

Puppet Show

Make a puppet show individually or in teams. Bonus points if everyone makes their own puppets.

Make a Fort

Use sheets, the dining room table, chairs.

Camp In

Set up camp somewhere inside. Pitch a tent, pack snacks, sleep on the floor.


Have a pile of pictures that need to be put in a scrapbook or album? Work together and be creative. You could also look at old family albums. Learn/teach about your family tree and enjoy telling family stories.


Make decorations. Have a holiday coming up? Get a head start on putting up decorations. Make seasonal decorations.





Easy Ways to Make A Happier Home

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Sometimes we all need some cheering up. Home should be a happy healthy place to escape from the negativity and stress of your family’s outside lives. There’s always room for more happiness in your life. Home is a good foundation to build security and comfort to your life and to your family.

Natural Light

Let in the light! Natural light is healthy and helps lift your mood. If you need privacy then let light come in the top half of your blinds, above eye level. Sheer curtains also work well to let in the light without sacrificing your privacy.

Sort Mail Immediately

Piles of mail create clutter and add up very quickly. As soon as you receive mail, immediately throw out the junk mail, sort/pay your bills, make/add to your grocery list so you can toss the flyer, cut your coupons, and erase the stress of forgetting to pay something or adding to clutter around the house.

Clean Your Windows

And then open them! Fresh air is a great way to freshen up your home and let out the stale air. We tend to open our windows more at night for better sleep.

Fill Your Home With Energizing Citrus Scents

Citrus scents can be achieved by boiling lemons and oranges. We then use the infused water to make cleaning products that also help give our home an invigorating feel. Essential oils are also great and easy to use.

Grow Something

Plants are great for filtering the air and providing your family with more oxygen. Snake plants are easy to grow in any room and green colors are calming.

Keep Work Areas Clear

Kitchen counters, desks, sinks, most surfaces that serve a purpose should be kept clear in order to serve their purpose. How can you be motivated to make a great meal in a cluttered kitchen? Clutter equals stress, clear it all away!


Bake bread, cakes, cookies. Baking is a great way to make everyone feel welcome in your home. We try to bake something once a week. Bake with your children and with your spouse to create memories. Memories transform a house into a home.

Play Music

There is almost always upbeat background music playing in our kitchen. We do a lot of singing and dancing in the kitchen. Its hard to be in a bad mood with happy music on!

Be Grateful

Remind yourself and your family to be grateful for your home and for everyone in it. Pictures of great times spent together are great to remind yourself of all your happy memories. Be thankful for what you have.

Add Your Personality

Your home is a reflection of yourself. Make sure it is full of reminders of people and things that make you happy. Don’t have a home to impress other people. Have a home that serves you and your family. Your opinions of your home are what matter most.